Thai Baby Green Mango


It is unquestionably the most sought after of the Asian mangos. The fruit is petite sized, green, sour, crunchy, aromatic, and completely fiber-less. *$11 per lb, sold at 5 lb increments. If you would like to place an order for more than 25lbs please contact us.

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The shapes of mangoes can be round, kidney-like in shape, oval, or a long slender shape. The color of a raw mango is typically green, but the color of ripe mangoes (the skin) can be yellow, yellow-green, green, yellowish orange or yellowish red. All mangoes have only one flat seed surrounded by flesh. Ripe mangoes have flesh that is yellow, golden-yellow, orange or orange-yellow.

Besides eating fresh mangoes, you can also use mangoes to make ice cream, juice and milkshakes, as well as pickled mango (Ma Muang Dong), dry pickled mango (Ma Muang Chae Im), or air dried pureed mango (Ma Muang Kwan). Since mangoes ripen so quickly and are abundant during the season, many mangoes are canned.

The mango has been a luscious and precious staple for generations. This is an ongoing result of both the high quality Thai mango itself, and the inspiration of its many delicious variations, uses, and cultural heritage.

Our fruits are picked fresh upon ordering.

Mangos are picked Green & are meant to be eaten Green.

To Receive Maximum Pleasure & Freshness, The Mangos are Picked Green, Hard, Sour, & Crunchy.

The Mangos Are Delivered By UPS, To your Doorstep The Next Day or End of 2nd business day.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 11 x 6 in

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